Bruce Springsteen Tour 2016 – The River

One of the music world’s most seasoned performers is going back out on the road for yet another stint of concerts. The Bruce Springsteen tour 2016 has already kicked off and is going to be continuing for the next nine weeks. He just recently released a box set of CDs called the river collection and he plans to help get some attention for this box set through these live performances. Getting tickets now would be a wise idea. Stars of this caliber rarely have tickets in stock for a long!

One feature of these shows that is quite interesting is the way that they would be redistributing the concerts soon after the performance takes place. If you go to the official site of the artist, each and every show will be released on that website in ultrahigh quality. The music from the night will also be put out onto CDs. It’s only going to take a handful of days before these high definition recordings are available from every show. You’ll be able to find all the information you need to get your hands on these videos and tracks simply by heading over to his page. If you purchase all the recordings from each of the 24 shows you will be able to save 10% on the purchase price. He is doing this because in today’s world music is often purchased online and listened to on devices like iPhones, android, and iPads. The days of the CD are well behind us.

The pricing on tickets for “The River Tour” is extremely reasonable. If you can get your hands on some first run seats you’ll be looking at paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-$150. If all the tickets are already purchased by other fans or resellers, you’ll be looking at a much higher price. You need to do your best in order to get your hands on prerelease, or newly released tickets if you want to get a low price. If you are forced to purchase on the secondary market you’ll be looking at some significantly higher prices. Sometimes two or even three times more than the original price.

Along with Bruce he will be accompanied by the E Street Band. Be sure to catch this show if you are a fan of his. There are sometimes multiyear delays in between his concerts. The last time that fans had a chance to see him in person was during his 2014 shows entitled the high hopes tour. The first show for his brand-new River tour is going to be on January 16 in Pittsburgh at the Consol energy Center. People who enjoy watching comedy on Comedy Central already got a sneak peek at how things are going to go during the Bruce Springsteen tour 2016 when he put on a live show on the hit TV comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Let’s talk a little bit about the ties that bind, the river collection. This is a set of audio albums that have in total 52 songs spread out over four disks. These aren’t just rereleased songs, he will have a bunch of material that has never been seen before as well as several hours of videos that, on three different DVDs. Also comes with a book that includes a few hundred photos that are either rare, or have never been seen by the public before. It’s shaping up to be a wonderful year for Springsteen fans. Not only can you see his amazing shows in person, you also have the treat of all new material from the artist.